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The Best Buddies International Ambassadors Program

Scott Sohr

From his headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, Scott Sohr functions as the president of STS Ventures, a business incubator that has contributed to the success of over a dozen entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors. Beyond this work, Scott Sohr has volunteered with Best Buddies International (BBI), which serves the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs).

BBI operates an Ambassador Program to help people with IDDs develop communications and public speaking skills. During the course of several private and group sessions, participants develop an understanding of conventional speaking techniques and speech writing, helping them to serve as advocates for themselves and others. Further, BBI pairs each participant with a speech coach who helps with generating ideas for speeches and the various techniques that will ensure the budding Buddy Ambassador can speak confidently in public.
Upon completion of the program, BBI provides ongoing support to its Ambassadors and works with them to locate local public speaking opportunities that offer a platform for Ambassadors to tell their stories.

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