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How to Stay Motivated in Business

Scott Sohr

Scott Sohr serves as president of STS Ventures, a Nashville, Tennessee-based hub for the brainstorming, creation, and development of startups across multiple industries, such as real estate, sustainability, finance, technology, and health care. Scott Sohr heads STS Ventures in helping budding entrepreneurs expand their visions and establish and maintain strong ventures that generate new jobs and steady revenue.

According to an article, one tip for staying motivated when launching a business includes knowing your why. Why did you launch this venture in the first place? Creating a mission statement and reviewing it frequently can help make sure the why stays at the forefront when entrepreneurship gets tough.

Another tip includes setting goals and having a plan. Having something to aim for in business and a map to help navigate how to get there can help push you along when motivation is lagging. Setting up incentives or rewards for completing certain aspects of the business can also aid in maintaining motivation.

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